The majority of us have felt it but what it’s like living it?

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There are days I wake from a slumber that I feel so alone in this world. It’s those days when my dreams carried me away to the places I’d rather be. I wasn’t stuck here in real…

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I recently volunteered to be an editor for a publication. Which one doesn’t truthfully matter. Here’s the lessons I discovered, some good and some bad.

The tedious drone of the need to do’s and don’ts was ridiculous. I want to edit, not curate articles or source traffic for a publication…

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When you are an abuse victim, emotions become a weapon used against you. You learn to bury them inside, never to be seen or heard. You begin feeling that your feelings are invalid, that you cannot trust your judgment, and it is safer to not let anyone too close.


Doreen Barker

Creator of Stories of Food Production, Farm Girl, Writer of Life and Mental Health, Abuse Warrior and Mentor

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